Our very best recommendations come from word of mouth and our satisfied residents. Here are a few success stories, positive experiences and votes of confidence we’d like to share.

“Dear Fredericka Manor Care Center staff, thank you all so very much for your loving care of both of our parents/grandparents, Dan and Bette O’Neill. We really appreciate how you embraced them as if they were members of your own family. With love, prayers and gratitude.” – the O’Neill family


“Dear staff at Fredericka Manor, I have just come home from your rehab and I wish to tell you I really improved my body as well as my mind. I had the most wonderful nurses and rehab people I have ever met. They treated me like a person, one-on-one. I give a big hug & thanks for taking me to bingo and being so very kind. Susan is a wonderful, caring person. Please give her my love and may God bless all of you for the wonderful care and love you show us. I know it’s not easy waiting on me. Thank you.” – Christine


“To the great staff of Fredericka Manor Care Center, your kindness and love for my husband was greatly appreciated by me and my family. I shall continue to visit you and remain appreciative toward all of you.” – Doris


“We would like to express our sincere appreciation for all of the expert assistance during my mothers’ illness and in her transition to assisted living. Both you and your crew were always professional and helpful during a very difficult time for our family. We can’t say enough good things about Fredericka Manor Care Center and campus. Thank you again for everything.” – Mary, Les and Kathy


“After the quality care my father received, I would recommend Fredericka Manor Care Center to anyone.” – Roberto


“The biggest difference here is the staff. The care center team tailored a rehab program just for me. I was back on my feet in no time.” – Frank


“My mother-in-law had been to a couple of places before Fredericka Manor Care Center. The difference was, once at Fredericka, she actually began to thrive.” – Joan